Introducing Solids: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

Introducing Solids: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started

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Begin your feeding journey safely and confidently.

Let us take you step-by-step through how to start your baby on solid foods. This online course covers it all—from demonstrations with actual babies to guides and checklists that will help you create a healthy eater from the start.

Begin your feeding journey safely and confidently.

Let us take you step-by-step through how to start your baby on solid foods. This online course covers it all—from demonstrations with actual babies to guides and checklists that will help you create a healthy eater from the start.



Introducing Solids: An Overview


Baby-Led Weaning: A New Approach for Starting Solids


Introducing Purees & How to Make Them at Home


Meal Planning for New Parents



  • Signs your baby is ready to start solids

  • How to set up for a successful first feed

  • Understanding the two feeding philosophies: Purees & Baby-Led Weaning

  • Best first foods to try & what to avoid

  • How & when to introduce top allergens

  • Fluid & nutrient needs

  • Safety considerations when starting solids

  • A real-life example of a baby being fed using baby-led weaning

  • Store-bought versus homemade pureed foods

  • How to get started with meal planning

  • Pantry staples

  • A guide to a 3-part meal plan

  • Meal ideas — breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner

  • The One-Hour Rule — how to prep for the week in only one hour

  • Cooking shortcuts & kitchen must-haves


Vanessa Thornton, RD, CSP, is a registered dietitian with a master’s in nutrition from Boston University. She is a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatrics and earned a certificate of training in obesity in pediatrics and adults. Vanessa completed her dietetic internship at a teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School and Tufts University School of Medicine. She is a parent of two.

Vanessa Thornton, RD, CSP



Glad I watched this class before starting solids with my little guy! I had planned to just make my own purees and just spoon feed. I had no idea there were this many things to consider when it comes to safety and nutrition when getting started.


This is great, thank you! I feel how much Vanessa really loves children coupled with her wisdom. Very supportive and informative!


The course is so informative and is giving me the confidence to be able to feed my baby properly.


I really appreciated the balanced approach of this class. Often, information sources lean toward when baby feeding approach while being overly dismissive of the other. This class presented the philosophy and basics of each in a fair way, with lots of practical information. The handouts are well designed and helpful as well!


Love the organization, slow pace, learn at your own pace. Handouts very helpful too


Great information presented in a format that is easy to understand and implement!


This class is fantastic! With the current environment, I'm not able to go to the grocery store that often or go out to eat, so I've been having to meal plan. This class was just what I needed to get started. I will definitely recommend this to all my new parent friends!


Excellent facilitator and easy to follow course. I really enjoy the takeaways to help when I can't pull up the course right away or need a quick reminder. Plus, I am having my child's caretaker also watch this so we are aligned on how to approach feedings. Tinyhood helps take a lot of the stress and "unknown" away. Helps me greatly as a first time and new parent.


I appreciated the written/downloadable component with sample recipes and ideas


I love the clear simple handouts and the short videos - getting all my questions answered so far!


I was stressing about not knowing what to do before introducing solid foods! And I thought I would go check on Tinyhood and I just found the class Introducing Solids. I’m now very happy to know everything before starting. The courses are very interesting instead of a book.


You must take this class before introducing solids to your baby! I always thought I would have to buy all those little baby pouches at the store and I didn't realize I could just be feeding my little one what we already have in the house. This class gave me all the information I needed to know what feeding options are available, which ones are right for our family, and then get started. Highly recommend!


I love the organization and layout. The handouts placed in between are very helpful as a "quick reference" guides.


Well-structured, informative content. Approachable and succinct.


The videos and the handouts with information are super great and easy to watch and use! I could mirror my phone on our tv and my husband and I could view the class while caring for our baby. Love that I can access the information again and again too. The class taught us the information we needed to know without having to read a book — let’s be honest, what news parents have time for that! Thank you for providing this class!


Excellent course!!! Highly recommend. Very informative, great videos of baby eating, very detailed and specific info. I really liked the video of Max eating and gagging so that I can recognize gagging vs choking.


Vanessa is fantastic! The info is clear & thorough. My son wasn’t into baby food and I no idea what to do when it came to introducing solids, and found this to be a great overview.


This class is a great way to get all your questions answered in one place! BLW is confusing to me as a first time mom. I know from my experience working in childcare how awesome it can be, and a lot of this information is just common sense but its so well designed and the PDFs are so handy, plus I learned more than I thought I would!