The Ultimate Toddler Collection: A Complete Guide through the Early Years

The Ultimate Toddler Collection: A Complete Guide through the Early Years

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Learn What You Need to Know and What Others Wish They Had Known

These bite-sized video lessons and handouts cover everything you need to know to master the Toddler Stage (from 1-5 years old). We cover it all, including tantrums, sleep, potty training, power struggles, nutrition, developmental changes, and much more.

Plus, we designed this specifically with busy parents in mind: Watch and re-watch at your own pace, share the videos with other caregivers, and be prepared for whatever parenting challenge comes at you next.



An Introduction to Toddler Behavior and How to Approach Discipline


Deal with Tantrums, Meltdowns, & Aggression


Bedtime Struggles, Screentime Struggles and Other Common Power Struggles


Sleep Issues: Nightmares, Nap/Bed Transitions, Regressions and More


Stimulate Social, Emotional and Physical Development through Play


Handle Common Situations around Sharing, Separation Anxiety, and Saying “I’m Sorry”


Toddler Safety: Child CPR & Choking, First Aid, and Handling Other Emergencies


Potty Training: Preparing to Potty Train and the Stress-Free Guide to Success


Toddler Nutrition: Raising Adventurous Eaters and Avoiding Picky Eating

…and more!

…and more!


  • Learn about healthy, evidenced based ways to approach discipline.

  • You’ll get quick easy-to-implement strategies that can help you navigate any tricky toddler behavior calmly & confidently.

  • Actionable tips for how to stimulate social, emotional and physical development through play

  • Pro tips for how to handle sharing, separation anxiety, and saying “I’m sorry.”

  • Learn ways to prevent mealtime behaviors like dropping or throwing food, rejecting food, etc.

  • Prepare how to handle any sleep issues such as nightmares, nap/bed transitions, early wakings, sleeping when traveling, etc.

  • Refresh your CPR & Choking Skills (1-12 years old).


Vanessa Thornton, RD, CSP

Stephanie Tuttle, MA, CCC-SLP

Quiara Smith, MOT OTR/L

Natalie Willes

Kate Arquilla, MS, RN

Dr. Chase Parsons, DO, MBI

Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith, Ph.D.

Divya Kumar, LCSW, MSW, PMH-C

Claire Lerner, MSW, LCSW

Brita DeStefano, DPT, PCS

See What Parents Had to Say

See What Parents Had to Say



I love the organization of the content, as well as the thoughtfulness behind the information presented. You do a wonderful job anticipating parents' needs and guiding them through this process, making the endeavor of potty training accessible to everyone!


I was the biggest skeptic, but we followed this program rigidly and within 24 hours our 10-month old son was sleeping 12-hours through the night! They could quadruple the price and I’d say it was worth it!


Last time I took CPR I was in my early 20s when I was a lifeguard. I THOUGHT I remembered what to do, but when my three year old started choking on chicken fingers last month, I literally froze up and couldn't remember anything. My husband found this class and we watched it together.  I feel so much more confident now if anything (knock on wood) were to happen!  Highly recommended!


Incredible course! Comprehensive, professional, easy to understand, and very parent- & child-friendly!


Clear and easy to follow. Some nice suggestions for language to use with children. Would be great to have a follow up class for planning potty learning for kids who are developmentally delayed.


Love this class and so grateful that you've created a CPR class that is meant for parents. Every time my daughter was eating, I have this fear "what if she starts to choke... would I know what to do and be able to act quickly?" Thanks to watching this class, I feel like I would know what to do and be able to act quickly. I made my husband watch it and I'm going to make my in-laws who watch our girl on the regular watch it as well!


Great class. Learnt a lot. Waiting for closer to 24 months to watch the next course.


I don't want to jinx myself, but I have to say that this program worked the first night. I would have paid $100 for one night of sleep after 3 weeks of waking every hour or two, and I'm hoping that night 1 wasn't a fluke. Baby slept through the night or was able to put herself back to sleep after one bedtime routine and she has had two successful naps today (Day 1) where she fell asleep independently. I'm sorry I didn't start this program two weeks ago. Whoever created this needs a Nobel Prize.


Confirmed that everything we've been doing the past few months is right on track for our 22 mo old twins.


Love the belly breathing concept for emotional regulation.


Informative. Clear and easy to understand. A must for parents and caregivers!

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